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This blog is dedicated to wargaming the Marcomannic Wars 168-175AD and the Roman Civil War during the Year of the Five Emperors 194AD. Both these wars are under reported in reference material, due to the fact that by this time in Roman history, Rome had almost lost the ability to catalogue and maintain its historic events for posterity. As I work through these 28mm wargaming projects, I will attempt to compile information that will be useful to both myself and other wargamers who are interested in this period of Rome's history.

Friday, 28 July 2017

Battle for the Cilician Gates 194 AD

The Battle for the Cilician Gates was fought between the forces of Emperor Septimius Severus and his rival, Pescennius Niger and was part of the Year of the Five Emperors. It was the prelude to the Battle of Issus. The Cilician Gates are a pass through the Taurus Mountains connecting the low plains of Cilicia to the Anatolian Plateau. The Gates are located on the border between Syrian and what is modern day Turkey. On a low desert plain in front of the gates, the Romans had built a magnificent temple to Mars the God of War. As a result, this was an important religious site and one both sides highly valued. 
Pescennius Niger was the Roman governor of Syria who had been acclaimed Emperor by his troops, like Severus, following the death of Pertinax. Following its successive defeats at Cyzicus and Battle of Nicaea in 193, Niger's army successfully withdrew to the Taurus mountains, where it's rearguard fiercely defended the Cilician pass. 

Emperor Septimius Severus - 4000 pts
Emperor Pescennius Niger - 4000 pts


1. Pitch battle - at least 75% of the enemy formation must be destroyed or fleeing at the end of the battle.
2. Take and hold the Temple of Mars - secure the temple, ensuring no enemy formations are within 6 inches of the site.


Game length
6 turns 
One of the many gorges leading to the Mountains of Taurus
Civilian encampment at the Oasis of Saul
Roman fort guarding the pass 
 The Temple of Mars 
View from the South
This game will be fought using the awesome War and Conquest rule-set.

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Queen Zenobia

Zenobia was a 3rd-century Queen of the Palmyrene Empire in Syria, who led a famous revolt against the Roman Empire. The second wife of King Septimius Odaenathus, Zenobia became queen of the Palmyrene Empire following Odaenathus' death in 267.
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