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This blog is dedicated to wargaming the Marcomannic Wars 168-175AD and the Roman Civil War during the Year of the Five Emperors 194AD. Both these wars are under reported in reference material, due to the fact that by this time in Roman history, Rome had almost lost the ability to catalogue and maintain its historic events for posterity. As I work through these 28mm wargaming projects, I will attempt to compile information that will be useful to both myself and other wargamers who are interested in this period of Rome's history.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Roman Equites Singulares Augusti

Recruited from the finest troopers of the alae, the regiment's original core component were the crack Batavi horsemen. The regiment was expanded to 2,000 horse in the early 3rd century by the emperor Septimus Severus. It appears that after some campaigns, detachments of singulares were left behind in the provinces, to form the core of new regular alae, which retained the prestigious singulares title and elite reputation e.g. Ala I Flavia singularium stationed in Raetia in the mid 2nd century.

Historical information courtesty of:
Goldsworthy, Adrian (2003) The Complete Roman Army.

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