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This blog is dedicated to wargaming the Marcomannic Wars 168-175AD and the Roman Civil War during the Year of the Five Emperors 194AD. Both these wars are under reported in reference material, due to the fact that by this time in Roman history, Rome had almost lost the ability to catalogue and maintain its historic events for posterity. As I work through these 28mm wargaming projects, I will attempt to compile information that will be useful to both myself and other wargamers who are interested in this period of Rome's history.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Legio II Traiana Fortis (2nd Cohort)

Legio II Traiana Fortis (The strong Legion of Trajan).
Participation in the Marcomannic wars of Marcus Aurelius is neither excluded nor proven. We have more certainty about the legions' role in 175, when it sided with the rebel general Avidius Cassius. His revolt, however, was unsuccessful.
Eighteen years later, II Traiana Fortis supported Pescennius Niger, the governor of Syria who wanted to become emperor. Before the decisive battle against Lucius Septimius Severus  in 194, the legion changed sides and was justified in its claim that it had been Severus' "king maker".
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Historical Reference
Pollard, N. and Berry, J. (2012) The Complete Roman Legions.Thames & Hudson.    

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