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This blog is dedicated to wargaming the Marcomannic Wars 168-175AD and the Roman Civil War during the Year of the Five Emperors 194AD. Both these wars are under reported in reference material, due to the fact that by this time in Roman history, Rome had almost lost the ability to catalogue and maintain its historic events for posterity. As I work through these 28mm wargaming projects, I will attempt to compile information that will be useful to both myself and other wargamers who are interested in this period of Rome's history.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

The Complete Roman Legions

The definitive account of every legion of Imperial Rome:
• The origins, histories and battles of all 45 legions, from the 1st century BC to the 3rd century AD
• The rise of the legions in the Republic through to the changes in Late Antiquity
• Campaigns of the great commanders from Pompey and Caesar to Trajan and Septimius Severus
• Full descriptions of the organisation and structure; equipment including weapons, shields, armour and artillery; battle tactics and siege warfare
• Quotations from ancient writers throughout
• Main text supplemented by box features, data files, chronology and glossary
• Over 200 illustrations of emperors, legionaries, weapons, fortresses, and inscriptions
• Includes 11 maps
Full accounts are given of Roman army reforms, legionary equipment, battle tactics and the legionaries as builders and engineers. Legions are examined in the territories they garrisoned and defended. Added depth is given by data files on each legion and detailed box features on major sites and events.

Written by leading authorities drawing on an up-to-date research and packed with superb illustrations, The Complete Roman Legions will be the standard work on the subject.
Highly recommended.

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